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I, Dave VK3LDR together with John (VK3TVZ) looked into IRLP in July 2007. We had only come across it due ot myself obtaining my licence in July 2007. Working in the field of IT myself I found it quite interesting, and this also sparked John's interest so we set about putting together a node system as there aren't very many nodes in Melbourne (as at September 2007).

We didn't however know we required a repeater licence to operate an unattended station for the purpose of IRLP, but we set about the paper work required for the Australian Communications & Media Authority (www.acma.gov.au) and the Wireless Institute of Australia (www.wia.org.au) ordering the equipment via www.irlp.net

To contrast the male dominated hobby a little I kindly asked my wife Lauren to provide the recorded Node on/off sound files! All the Node equipment is owned by John and he actually did 95% of the work to get it going.. My small contributions were planting the idea in his head ;) and I took some pics, wrote up the web page and assisted with a few small bits and pieces.

Web Page by Dave, VK3LDR. Updated: 21/12/2013